Drillco’s COVID-19 Awareness Campaign

Drillco has implemented an Internal Training and Awareness Campaign to further support its employees during the pandemic.

  • The end goal is to provide further information and training to all employees, and to ensure they and their families are well informed during this pandemic, about the risks, means of contagion, preventive measures and beyond.
  • The Covid-19 protocol, created by the Minsal (Health Authority), has been made available and handled extensively to all employees.
  • Talks are held daily with a maximum of 8 people on the risk factors of COVID-19, the responsibility and importance of self-care, reinforcing precautionary measures, with which we protect our health and that of our environment (Family and collaborators from Drillco).
  • The effectiveness of the protection elements, recommendations, additional information to adopt outside of work, and the difference between high and low risk infections are disclosed.
  • Emphasis is placed on the consequences of the virus for people with a base disease or who maintain close contact with cases in their homes. There is also an instance for all employees to manifest their concerns and doubts, in order to get the support they require during this crisis.
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