Currently one of the world´s most relevant sources of clean and renewable energy, geothermal drilling requires some unique features out of its drilling tools.


A very deep drilling operation, with high pressure and temperatures down the wells, demands a special design that can withstand these demands.


Drillco’s Geothermal and Deep Drilling hammers tackle these challenges with specially designed features.

Case studies

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Gilliam & Mundy

Gilliam & Mundy, USA

Test was run in order to show the performance and penetration rate of the Puma Hammer P5SH.

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Olsen, Sweden

Olsen Entreprenad, Sweden

Speed increase using a Puma PM4.3 TD40 hammer for water well application.

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Vulcan Materials Company

Vulcan, USA

Vulcan Materials Company is the US’s largest producer of construction aggregates.

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