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Read through our frequently asked questions

What products does Drillco manufacture?

At Drillco we manufacture and sell hammers and bits for different industries such as mining, quarries, Oil & Gas and others, specializing in hard rock conditions. We also have the representation for Shareate Tricons as well as bars, adaptors and stabilizers from Perforator.

What is Drillco’s Value Proposition?

Our Value Proposition is based in our expertise in the drilling industry, constantly developing highly technological products with an excellent quality that allows our customers to achieve a lower Total Drilling Cost (TDC). This has a direct impact in productivity, reducing the total cost per extracted ton sent to plant, as well as the total cost per ton extracted and discarded, noticeably increasing productivity.  As well as pursuing ad-hoc customizations, Drillco offers consultancy in reducing the cost per drilled meter, training, and bits and hammers courses for operators and users. Finally, we offer steel maintenance services.

Does Drillco have international presence?

Drillco has its headquarters in Santiago, Chile. We also have offices in Europe, US, Brasil, South Africa and Perú in order to ensure an efficient service for all our clients worldwide. Through these offices we serve clients in over 30 countries worldwide. To see the full list of distributors please click here.

What applications are Drillco’s products for?

Drillco manufactures drills and bits for mining, quarrying, water wells, civil engineer, oil & gas, geothermal applications and exploration. Each product is specifically designed to perform under challenging rock conditions and different client’s needs. We have a broad variety of products and are known best for customizing products to ensure client satisfaction.

Do you manufacture bits for Reverse Circulation?

Yes, Drillco does manufacture high quality bits for Reverse Circulation drilling.

What other products do you sell?

Besides hammers and bits for DTH drilling, Drillco manufactures bits for Reverse Circulation drilling, as well as Tricons, Bars and accessories for its products.

Do you manufacture bits for manual drilling?

No, Drillco mainly manufactures products for Down The Hole Drilling, and does not manufacture bits for manual drilling.

Do you manufacture bits for Top Hammer drilling?

No, Drillco mainly manufactures products for Down The Hole Drilling, and does not manufacture bits for Top hammer drilling.  

What is the diameter range of Drillco’s DTH bits and hammers?

Drillco manufactures bits from 3” to 8” and hammers from x” to X”, customizing its products to meet client’s needs in the most demanding drilling conditions.

Does Drillco manufacture drilling equipment?

No, Drillco does not manufacture drilling equipment, though Drillco’s bits and hammers are compatible with most DTH drilling equipment worldwide.

What kind of service do you offer?

Drillco not only customizes and manufactures high quality drills and hammers to meet client’s needs, but also offers Useful Life Control services (component registration and traceability) and continuous improvement in cost per meter through the Technical Advise Convention, with the sole goal of reducing costs.

Why should I choose a Drillco Hammer?

Drillco is known in the industry for customizing each product in order to meet the client’s needs in an exceptional way. This means we are able to develop high speed hammers for different rock conditions and drilling demands, as well as high performance bits and specific diameters for mesh settings. Each Drillco product has been developed  by our professional engineering team to achieve maximum cost per meter drilled efficiency  given the rock conditions and client’s specifications.

Do you offer Drills and Bits courses?

Yes, as an integral part of our value proposition we offer both initial and recurring training to each new operator and supervisor, besides offering Supervisor Certification, as well as theoretical and practical courses in the factory with knowledge testing. We have a technical team of excellence, which is constantly training operators and supervisors in order to achieve efficient drilling processes and reducing the cost per drilled meter.

Do you offer advice on how to reduce the Total Drilling Cost (TDC)?

Yes, Drillco specializes in the service of diagnosis and implementation of TDC Improvement Actions, achieving the maximum drilling efficiency for its clients. The TDC Reduction Advisory consists of an initial diagnosis of current costs, cost per meter evaluation (using a specific software to accurately calculate costs), and then proceeding to identify and implement the cost reduction deliverables in three key areas: Cost per meter, cost per hour and cost per month.

Do you offer Steel maintenance services?

Yes, Drillco offers bit resharpening services and hammer maintenance in order to achieve the maximum possible performance and efficiency in the drilling process. 

Do you have bits and hammers for direct selling?

Yes, Drillco offers bits and hammers both for direct selling as well as through our vast network of distributors worldwide. To check our distributors worldwide please click here.

Does Drillco sell hammer to work under high and low pressure conditions?

Yes, Drillco’s products have been specifically designed to meet even the most challenging drilling conditions, including high and low-pressure situations.

What variables should be considered when performing a Drilling Test?

In each field test performed with Drillco products, three key variables are monitored in order to design the optimal product for the client’s needs and rock conditions. These key variables are: Air Pressure (measured as PSI, Pounds-force per square inch), Rotation Speed (measured as RPM, revolutions per minute) and Working Pressure (measured in PSI).