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Currently one of the world´s most relevant sources of clean and renewable energy, geothermal drilling requires some unique features out of its drilling tools.   A very deep drilling operation, with high pressure and temperatures down the wells, demands ...

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Who we are

WHO WE ARE With over 50 years of experience in the Drilling Industry, we at Drillco are experts in hard rock drilling and blasting. We design and customize highly technological tools to meet even the hardest of conditions, offering custom-made solutions for industries such as Mining, Oil & Gas, Geothe...

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Drillco Europe exhibits at Brunnsborrardagen

September, 2016 Wenngarn, Stockholm Last September, 2016, Drillco Europe exhibited at Brunnsborrardagen show in Stockholm and introduced the business to the Scandinavian GeoThermal market, bringing 30 yrs. of Down the Hole Tools manufacture, experience and knowledge to members of the Swedish Avanti Drillers ...

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