With over 50 years of experience in the Drilling Industry, we at Drillco are experts in hard rock drilling and blasting. We design and customize highly technological tools to meet even the hardest of conditions, offering custom-made solutions for industries such as Mining, Oil & Gas, Geothermal, Quarries, Waterwell and Civil engineer drilling.

Drillco’s goal is to offer customers a smooth and trouble-free experience, having as ultimate target to offer the lowest cost per meter, while also achieving the other performace targets relevant to each individual application.

With clients in over 30 countries and 7 regional offices, Drillco is today a leader in innovation and technology worldwide, and continues to develop cutting edge technologies to satisfy customers even with the hardest of conditions.


Drillco’s purpose is to contribute to a sustainable natural resources exploitation through time.Our goal is to develop technology- based innovations through the processes involved in this activity.

The aim is to increase efficiency, reduce the consumption of critical resources and decrease the negative impact on both the environment and the people involved.


Drillco’s scope is to offer products and services for the exploration and exploitation of mining, water and energy resources.Our main interest is to focus in the most critical processes for our clients, creating innovative solutions that highy impact those processes.

Due to our client’s nature, our innovations have a strong technological base.

Our challenge is to leverage on our experience in the drilling consumables market in order to grow in new regions and industries