Chile is the biggest copper producer, hosting the world’s largest open pit mines. Drillco’s origin lies in Chile’s large minerals industry. Our company has developed its base line of products, tailored to serve this demanding field , having in mind the high intensity of tool usage in this application.


Here, reliability, durability and ease of utilization are paramount, given the continuous drilling that takes place in mining. There is no other industry that uses drilling tools that intensively.

Case studies

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Marigold, USA

Marigold Mine, USA

Reduction in cost per foot drilled at Marigold Gold mine in Nevada, USA, using a Puma P8.1 Hammer and 8 ¾ bits.

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Vulcan Materials Company

Vulcan, USA

Vulcan Materials Company is the US’s largest producer of construction aggregates.

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Olsen, Sweden

Olsen Entreprenad, Sweden

Speed increase using a Puma PM4.3 TD40 hammer for water well application.

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