Drillco’s COVID-19 Prevention Campaign

In the light of the COVID-19 outbreak worldwide, Drillco has undertaken a COVID-19 Prevention Campaign both at its manufacturing plant and at its 10 subsidiaries worldwide. The main goal is to protect its people: employees, partners, distributors, suppliers and customers, facilitating all the means available to ensure social distancing, strict compliance with Health & Safety measures, and safe operation. The end goal is to continue to supply our customers and their operations, offering the best cost per meter, maintaining an active supply throughout the crisis. The below lists the main actions undertaken by Drillco as part of its COVID-19 Preventive Campaign, which was initiated last March:

1. All international travels, both commercial and technical, are suspended indefinitely. This measure will be revised periodically according to the evolution of the pandemic.

2. Visits to mining sites will be subject to the measures and restrictions imposed by each operation. Drillco® staff will always ensure the safety of their clients and compliance with their safety protocols.

3. The supplying to operations will remain active, subject to the restrictions imposed by each government or state. Whenever possible, Drillco® personnel will adhere to the exceptions established for mining suppliers, construction suppliers or others, in order to ensure on-time supply to customers.

4. All Drillco® employees who have had contact, either directly or indirectly, with any person suspected of having COVID-19, must maintain a mandatory quarantine, in isolation.

5. All Drillco employees who’s role allows it have been, and will continue to, work remotely through telecommuting. In order to facilitate the prior, new software has been implemented to allow efficient teamwork.

Telecommuting has been implemented for all Drillco employees who’s role allows it

5. With regard to the Drillco® production plant, the following extraordinary measures have been taken:

a. Shifts have been modified, in order to avoid contact between operators.

Shifts at the manufacturing plant have been modified to avoid contact between operators

b. The Menu at the restaurant has been modified in order to minimize food handling. Buffet will no longer be available for the duration of the outbreak, and individually pre-packed lunches will be served. All personnel are to maintain a 2 meters distance at the Restaurant, including lunchtime.

Restaurant modifications aim to reduce social contact and minimize food handling

c. Boxes of non-perishable food and cleaning supplies are been delivered to all Drillco® personnel, as a way to help them comply with the quarantine and avoid contagion.

Boxes of non-perishable goods have been given to employees, as a way to help them and their families comply with social distancing

d. Daily measurements of temperature are been taken to all collaborators upon entering the offices and / or manufacturing plant.

e. Access to third parties outside the company is restricted. Access is only allowed to external parties strictly necessary for daily operation.

f. The usage of all systems that include a fingerprint registration is temporarily suspended, such as the assistance system, restaurant control, among others.

g. No Drillco® employee is currently using, or will be using, public transportation. Vans have been made available to transport employees to and from the company in an effort to help employees stay away from crowds.

Trucks have been facilitated to employees who regularly use public transportation, in order to help them prevent public spaces and the risk of contagion

h. Daily fumigation of the administrative offices has been implemented, and twice a day in the Restaurant, dressing rooms, cellar and plant, with a copper-based bactericidal product.

Daily fumigation of offices and manufacturing plant has been implemented, using a highly technological Copper-based disinfectant

i. Additional preventive measures to be taken in case of emergency

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